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Visible Me Time+

One of our core values here at Visible is FUN. While we take everything seriously about being the most simple, accessible, and inclusive wireless provider, our goal is also to have all of our members and teammates as happy as our smiley face.

That’s why all of our employees are entitled to Visible Me Time.

What’s Visible Me Time, you ask?

It’s our way of giving our team time in the week to address their mental well-being and focus on work-life balance. Simply, it means that all of our employees have 90 minutes a day, everyday, to focus on their mental wellness. For some, that means spending time with family, their pets, going for a walk, or exercising. The time is our team’s to spend, no questions asked.

And now, for the second year in a row, we’ve taken Visible Me Time one step further, with Visible Me Time+. This means that, from Memorial Day - Labor Day, all employees can end their day at 3pm in their local time zone. What better way to soak up those precious summer hours?!

To learn more about our values at Visible, check us out at

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