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Protect your phone from the unexpected.

Nobody expects to drop or lose their phone, but sometimes it happens. If it does, a Visible Protect plan can keep it from knocking you off your game.

Why worry when you can count on Visible Protect?

Accidents happen. But with Visible Protect, you're covered if they do. We partner with Assurant® to help you protect your device, secure your personal information and keep your device in tip top shape.

Drops, cracks, etc.

Oh, and spills. And even losing your phone. These are just some of your options with Visible Protect plans.

Android virus safety

Keep your Android device secure with Antivirus by Avast – included with Pocket Geek® Mobile by Assurant®.

Fast, easy coverage

If you’re buying an eligible phone from us, add your protection plan to your cart when you choose your phone.

24/7 claims & more

File a claim anytime or get troubleshooting tips online to keep small issues from becoming problems.

Choose complete protection or just the coverage you want.

Available in every state but NY

Complete offer

Visible Protect

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Visible Protect

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Visible Protect
Service Contract

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Visible Protect

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Pricing Per Device

Pricing varies by tier and may include tax, if applicable.

Starting at

Starting at

Starting at

Starting at

Eligible device types

New phone or

Visible pre-owned

New phone or

New phone or

Plan Coverage

Mechanical/electrical failure

(After the manufacturer's warranty expires for all plans, except Visible Protect Pre-Owned)

Accidental damage

(drop, cracks, spills)



Service and support

AppleCare Services

Service and support direct from Apple for eligible Apple devices. 24/7 priority access to Apple experts via chat or phone and Apple-certified repair or replacement with genuine Apple parts.

Pocket Geek® Mobile by Assurant® app

Antivirus by Avast

File a claim

Troubleshoot with device specific content

Review protection plan details

Want even more info? Click the links in the table above for plan brochures that go in depth on your cost benefits, exclusions, limits and providers. For your convenience, the month-to-month plan is automatically renewed unless canceled.

Frequently asked:

We don’t currently have open enrollment for Visible Protect, meaning the only time you can add Visible protect to your device is at the time you purchase your device.

Visible Protect will appear as a line item on your Visible monthly service bill.

Yes! Assurant gives you the flexibility to purchase separate protection plans for your phone and wearable.

Manage your Assurant policy and file a claim here.

Yes, your state of residence determines which plans and their prices are available to you. The state you select as your residence must match the state associated with your Visible account.

Broken or lost phone? Filing a claim is easy.

Assurant makes the process simple, quick and straightforward – like we do. So if you like us, you’ll like them.

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