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We’ll pay off the last half,
so you can upgrade

Buy any eligible phone with financing from Affirm and we’ll pay off up to the last 50% of it when you upgrade to the next model. Pretty nice.

Two plans, unlimited
unlimited and then

Get Visible for $25/mo, all-in. Or for a few bucks more, Visible+ gives you 5G Ultra Wideband, an even more premium network experience and global reach.
Both plans offer:

Verizon 5G & 4G LTE network coverage

Bring your own phone or get a new one

Unlimited data, talk, text & hotspot

Add a smartwatch for $5/mo

No annual contract, no hidden taxes or fees, no gotchas

Get help from a human anytime, 24/7

Why buy Google?

Powered by Google Tensor

Designed by Google just for Pixel, the Google Tensor chip makes Pixel fast, smart, and secure. 

Make every photo your best photo

Pixel’s advanced camera can deblur faces with Face Unblur1 and make distractions disappear with Magic Eraser.1

Safe and secure

Pixel is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe.

Switching is simple

Move messages, contacts, and photos in a few quick steps.2

1 Magic Eraser requires Google Photos app and may not work on all image elements. Unblurring may not work on all photos or videos with faces.

2 Some third-party apps and data may not be transferred automatically. Visit for information.

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