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Got eSIM? Get started in just a few minutes.

We can overnight you a SIM card to get started, but if you have a newer phone with eSIM, you can switch to Visible now. Just make sure your phone is unlocked. You’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits of Visible.

Visible makes it easy to switch.

Just find your account # and PIN for your old wireless company and make sure your phone is unlocked. (Don’t cancel quite yet if you want to keep your phone number.) Then:

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Grab your phone & log in.

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Connect to Wi-Fi.

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Download & open the Visible app, we’ll walk you thru it.

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We’ll confirm when you’re good to go!

Sign up online or on the Visible app

Start your 15-day free trial now and you can make calls, send texts and stream data right away. Download the app now.



Shop eSIM compatible phones.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Visit our help center for more.

eSIM stands for ‘embedded’ SIM. This means the SIM is already in the phone when you get it. No more physical SIM cards. It also means you activate Visible service in less than 15 minutes, which is a win-win for both of us.

eSIM does the same things a physical SIM does, but with the magic of digital technology - providing a convenient way to switch providers and activate service without a physical SIM.

Each eSIM device has dual SIM capability, which allows your phone to connect to two networks simultaneously. This means you can have 2 different SIMs from 2 different carriers in your device at once. Perfect for comparing different carrier’s networks or consolidating the work and personal phone into one (finally). Learn more about eSIM and dual SIM here.

Two plans, unlimited or unlimited and then some.

Get Visible for $30/mo, all-in. Or for a few bucks more, Visible+ gives you 5G
Ultra Wideband, an even more premium network experience and global reach.
Both plans offer:

Verizon 5G & 4G LTE network coverage

Bring your own phone or get a new one

Unlimited data, talk, text & hotspot

Add a smartwatch for $5/mo

No annual contract, no hidden taxes or fees, no gotchas

Get help from a human anytime, 24/7

Try Visible for free

To start your 15-day free trial, you'll need:

    1 A phone with eSIM

    2 An unlocked phone

We’ll give you a temporary phone number, so you won’t need to close your account with your current carrier until you’re ready.

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