We’re a company committed to togetherness.

When we launched Visible, our main goal was to create change by building a better wireless service. To us, a big part of creating that change lies within our dedication to provide a positive impact within our community.

Our story

It started with an idea: Make wireless phone service simple and available to everyone. To us, that means one plan with all the good stuff, multiple ways to help you save, and no additional BS to get in the way. And all that with the power of Verizon’s Networks, ensuring people can easily connect to the things they care about most. See? Wireless service doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our Values






These values helped us to develop the three key pillars that drive our Visible Social Good initiative:

Racial Equality

Amplifying the voices and ideas of those held back by the barriers of racism.

Mental Health and Wellness

Normalizing mental health by encouraging open dialogue and removing obstacles to getting help and support.

Civic Action

Bringing different voices to the table to find common ground and inspire change through meaningful conversations.

We’re not just a company, we’re part of the community.

Connecting for good.

Before we launched our Visible phone service, we launched Visible Connect—an accelerator program for early stage nonprofits. These social entrepreneurs are using mobile technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our communities today. Together, with these early stage nonprofits, we’ve been able to create meaningful impact for over 6 million people.

Listening, learning, and adapting.

We’re perpetually evolving how we exist in an ever-changing world.

How we changed what it means to be connected in a fully remote work environment.

See how Visible is impacting our immediate and extended communities.

Stress-free wireless service.

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