Try our unlimited data, for free.

We’re big fans of our unlimited data, talk, text and hotspot for as low as $25/mo wireless service, and we think you might be too. So, grab your iPhone and take advantage of our 15-day free trial to see how our network, powered by Verizon, performs in a head-to-head competition with your current network.
There's no credit card required, and everything you need to get started is already in your iPhone.

How it works

Grab your iPhone

Start by clicking "check compatibility" above to see if your iPhone is eligible for the free trial. Only compatible with iPhone XS/XR or higher. See details

Start by clicking "check compatibility" above to see if your iPhone is eligible for the free trial. Only compatible with iPhone XS/XR or higher. See details

Start with a trial number

Follow the setup instructions and get your trial number. We’ll make it easy to navigate testing Visible with your new number while still keeping your old one.

Experience Visible

Get the full experience! Stream the shows you love while staying connected with our coast to coast coverage.

Make the switch

Love Visible? Make the switch! We’ll help you easily become a member with either your new number or the one you have with your current carrier.


Take us for a (free) test drive

See how easy it is to fall in love with all the incredible features Visible has to offer while trying it completely commitment-free.

Get to know Visible

The Visible plan is $40/month, but you can get service for as little as $25/month when you take advantage of Party Pay. Learn more

One line of service

5 Mbps WiFi hotspot

Unlimited talk and text

WiFi calling on compatible devices

Unlimited data

No contracts or cancelation fees

We’ve got you covered

With over 99% of the U.S. population covered , there are not many places Verizon's Networks haven’t been…yet.


Visit our help center for more FAQs, or tap here to see our terms and conditions.

The Visible Free Trial is a 15-day free trial that doesn't require a credit card to join. Get the full Visible network experience via eSIM, without the commitment.

Anyone who is not currently a Visible member, or someone that has not participated in the trial in the past 12 months. If you meet these criteria, then all you need is an eligible iPhone device with eSIM capability to participate.

There is absolutely no cost to participate in the trial, and there’s no commitment or credit card needed to start. You can also end your trial at any time. The free trial is subject to Visible’s terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

If you join Visible, you can keep the trial number. The trial number is not available to be ported to another carrier or otherwise retained, so your only right to the trial number is to continue to use it on a paying Visible account, at which point you will have all rights to the number set forth in the Visible service terms and conditions.

Visible is $40/month, but you can pay as low as $25/month if you join a party through Party Pay.

No, a payment method is not needed during the free trial period. But if you decide to become a Visible member after your trial, a payment is needed. See setup & activation for more payment details.

You need to have a device that is unlocked and is compatible with Visible eSIM. Simply provide your name, email and zip code to sign up for the Visible Free Trial.

No credit card information is required to try the free trial.