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The Visible Plan

While Visible might seem too good to be true, there are a few ways we’re able to keep our costs low while providing you with great phone service. We cut out stores (and the salespeople that come with them), and we’ve leveraged our powered by Verizon network access to give you coverage across the country. But don’t worry, we still have a 24/7 Care team if you have an issue.

Paid in advance, no commitment

As low as



when you take advantage of Party Pay

One line of service

Powered by Verizon, 5G included

Unlimited minutes and messages

Unlimited data

Wifi calling on compatible devices

Calling & texting to Canada & Mexico

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We're pretty confident our service knocks out the competition. That's why we created our 15-day Visible Free Trial. No credit cards, no confusing pieces—everything you need to start is right on your iPhone XS/XR or higher. Learn more

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How Visible Works

We love to keep it simple. That’s why Visible allows you access to everything you need to get service, stream, and save—even when you join on your own—right from your phone.

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We got rid of the family plan, but kept the savings. Cut your costs even if you join on your own.

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