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Leadership Predictions & Trends for Telecom in 2023

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Around this time of the year, you’ll see prediction blogs about trends for most things. So, hello - we are now throwing our name into the hat. BUT THERE'S A TWIST. We asked our Executive Leadership Team to give their marketing, telecom, and general wireless industry trends for 2023. Their answers? Eerily similar.

Director of Legal & Compliance, Aaron Stahl
"I think the shift will be in AI. How AI, automation, and emerging technologies will impact how we interact with our customers, as well as how they interact with us. It opens the doors to new tools and technology that also bring in privacy and ethical challenges."

John Devanney, Chief Experience Officer
"AI, specifically. Advancements to AI-enabled chat will make it easier for members to access and interact with technology and each other. And through this and voice assistance, we will be able to understand and respond to more complex and nuanced requests, while getting access to answers faster. It's exciting!"

Chief Operating Officer, Beth Veen
"The customer service space will be an even smarter, personalized self-service experience. Mainly because, while a human touch is still preferred, consumers are getting much more comfortable with AI, such as chatbots. AI allows members to get customized support and solution options based on their preferences and where they are in the customer journey, as well as helping us help members much faster."

Executive Director, Jeremy Bolton
"In 2023, we're going to see rate plans that unbundle content. More modular, customizable preferences in wireless plans, but a majority focus purely on connectivity. This means plans that take advantage of the capabilities of 5G. Plans that emphasize connecting non-voice devices, like wearables or tablets. And we're going to see this as a single-price plan based on the connection. Like I said, unbundling these things."

Cheryl Gresham, Chief Marketing Officer
"I think, in 2023, people will just want to be together again. We're noticing pieces of this already, as we move back to live events and being more social. During the pandemic, people's habits, behaviors, and communication styles changed. It's our job to understand that, taking those learnings to continue meeting members where they are."

SVP & President - Verizon Value Org, Angie Klein
“2023 is all about continued growth and disruption, by us!"

Trends help us understand how to better connect with consumers, to better show the value Visible can bring to their wireless lives. Predicting these trends? Well, that’s just fun. Do you think we turned into psychics on these 2023 predictions? Only time will tell. While we wait for our predictions to inevitably turn into realities, let us know what marketing trend will take over 2023. Share your thoughts with us on social and who knows - maybe we’re all right (but probably not).

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