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Q&A with Visible CMO - Cheryl Gresham

A few days ago marked the first anniversary of our very own Chief Marketing Officer, Cheryl Gresham. She’s played big roles in the shaping of brands like TikTok, Google, Mattel, and Taco Bell - and now Cheryl’s landed at Visible. Now that some time has passed, we wanted to pick her brain and ask her a few questions.

What's changed most about Visible since you started one year ago?

Focus. Telecom as a whole and the competitive space around it pivoted. Since I started, lifestyle and economical changes have blurred the lines between pre and postpaid. This required Visible, and the industry as a whole, to adjust. People's values changed, and so competition ramped up, shifting how we spoke about each other and to consumers. Visible doesn't have physical locations or the awareness of some other brands, so we ramped up our competitive aggression too - honing in on our brand, our members, and the industry.

What's something you're proud of working on here at Visible?

This one is easy: our Blue World campaign. We needed to differentiate ourselves: What is Visible? What's our value? Competitive and consumer research gave us insights into our own values and how we're perceived. The result was Blue World. We simplified everything and focused on awareness, highlighting a standout aspect of our brand: our blue. Our blue mixed with simple art and copy, concisely delivering our value to the people. And the way my team moved through it. We collaborated and executed seamlessly, at a pace I didn't think possible. It was like building something you really loved and everyone else loved it too. That made me proud.

What do you love about Visible?

It's going to sound silly, but it's people. Their passion for doing their best for the members is infectious. The drive they have to make things better, along with how much they believe in what we're doing -- you can't teach that or fake that. That passion is almost physical and becomes fuel for everyone here to continually make this company and what we do better every day.

How are you planning on celebrating your 1-year at Visible?

I'm supposed to say something profound, but honestly, I'll probably just go to my favorite sushi or Mexican restaurant with my family to celebrate. But while I reflect on this past year, I'll also be wishing I could get together and celebrate with my other Visible family so we can all raise a glass and cheers!

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