Visible Was Built for eSIM

If you could create your own wireless company from scratch, what would you do? Copy what’s already been done? Or try something different, perhaps even disruptive?

Here at Visible, we chose the disruptive path. We want to compete for your business not on the terms of an industry rooted to the past, but with modern technologies and methods of engagement. We’re deliberately challenging the status quo, with one goal: to fundamentally change the way you learn about, get, buy, and manage your wireless service.

Why? Because just about every industry has been disrupted by the digital revolution - except wireless. Indeed, the industry that enabled much of the revolution has itself remained largely stuck in the Blockbuster Video, 1-800 era.

Think about it. If you want to summon a car, order a pizza, try on new glasses, shop for groceries, split a lunch bill, or donate to a good cause - you download an app. Instant gratification.

Consider renting a movie. Not too long ago, you had to actually go to a store and browse through aisles of titles on actual shelves. Then Netflix came along and said, hey, we’ll mail it to you instead. But with the digital revolution, Netflix predicted the future was streaming movies directly into living rooms. And they were right.

At Visible, we know the future of wireless service is eSIM. It provides the instant gratification of being able to switch to Visible right now - without the pressure of stores, or waiting for a package to arrive, or sitting on hold when you dial a 1-800 number.

eSIM is not unique to Visible. But what is unique about Visible is that we have never had the legacy costs and processes of a traditional wireless company. This means we can provide you a disruptive value proposition and a top quality experience on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide and Ultra Wideband networks. And with eSIM, you can switch to Visible right now, right from your phone, in as little as 15 minutes. Just download our app.

From the mind and tablet of Jeremy Bolton, Visible’s Head of Strategy and Product. Follow Jeremy on LinkedIn