$5 /month for Visible...for You and a Friend

Visible isn't just a great, straightforward wireless service for an amazing price, powered by Verizon, with 5G included. It’s also wireless service that gets better with friends!

Earlier this year, we launched a pretty cool referral program. Of course, you remember, but just in case you need a refresher, here’s how it works:

  • Each Visible member has a unique code and can share it with friends, family, or complete strangers. When that individual signs up for Visible service and enters the referral code at checkout, their first month of Visible is $25, and the referring Visible member automatically gets their next month for $5.

We know, amazing! Our members loved getting a $5 month for referring someone to Visible, but wanted to share the love and the discount. And we thought, “you know what, our members are right! Both you and your friend should get a month of Visible for $5!”

Starting today (7/8), both our members and the person they refer will get a month of Visible wireless for $5 when the person referred activates on Visible! We’re so excited, we’ve decided to rename our program from referrals (boo, boring) to Bring a Friend (cue fireworks and a band)! Don’t worry, the other amazing features of our Bring a Friend program will remain the same, like storing up to 12 $5 credits at a time when you refer your friends!

Visible is an all-digital wireless carrier that doesn’t have things like stores, annual contracts, hidden fees that raise your costs. We love saving money and so do our members. So spread the love and let’s all get a month of Visible for $5.