Get up to a $200 virtual gift card.

Bring your current number and switch to Visible, and get rewarded with a virtual gift card you can spend almost anywhere. Bring your own phone, activate on an eSIM compatible device, or order an eligible device from the list below.

How it works.

Join Visible

You'll need to bring your current number plus your phone or a new phone from the list below. Finally, create an account through or the app.

Transfer your number

Bring your number from your current carrier by transferring it on site, in the app, or with a little help from our Care team.

Set up your SIM and activate

Download your eSIM or insert your new SIM card, and then follow the instructions in your account to activate your service.

Get $$$ to spend online

Make 2 full month's service payments and then keep an eye on your email - you can choose your own virtual gift card.

Gift card options.

Shop eligible phones.

Party Pay's available with every offer.

Unlimited data, messages, and minutes

Powered by Verizon, now with 5G

No hidden fees, stores, or annual contracts