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What is unlimited data?

Visible Phone with Unlimited Data

You've heard about it. You noticed the small print, and you see every carrier prop it up: Unlimited data. But what does "unlimited" actually mean? Some carriers either slow your data down after you cross a specific threshold and then charge more to use more. At Visible, we're all about making the complex simple. So we're going to clear the air and break down what unlimited data means at Visible:

What does unlimited data mean?

It means what it says - unlimited use of the data when you use your smartphone or our hotspot feature. Meaning you can use as much data on your phone as you want without it being shut off or slowed down after a certain usage point. At Visible, this is the unlimited data all our members have, regardless of their plan. But remember that, like a highway, all data usage slows when a lot of people are using it (heavy traffic), even Visible’s.

How long does unlimited data last?

It should last as long as your monthly service cycle, which is what we do at Visible. However, this does depend on your carrier and their terms of service, so you may have to check with your current carrier if you are not already with Visible.

How do I check if I have unlimited data?

This also depends on your carrier and service plan, but you can usually find it on your Account page or something similar that lets you review your plan details. Both of Visible’s one-line plans offer unlimited data, so you'll never have to check because it just is.

Does unlimited data mean unlimited internet?

Correct. Internet, apps, videos, music, texts, etc., all use a set amount of data. So if you have unlimited data, you should have unlimited use of these and more when using your phone. But again, this depends on your carrier and service plan. You don't have to worry about those things with us (just saying).

Does Visible offer unlimited data?

OF COURSE, WE DO. Visible has two plans that cover all your needs, and each of them includes unlimited data on your phone. And not only that, but they also include 5G and mobile hotspot, all powered by Verizon, at a monthly rate that makes sense.

Unlimited data has lost much of its strength, as the word has almost become jargon. We don't like jargon at Visible. What we do like is transparency. So, when you (inevitably) make the switch, and we tell you you're getting "unlimited data with no annual contracts or hidden fees," we mean it. Because wireless doesn't have to be complex, we make sure it isn't.

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