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Our Core Value Award Winners | Visible

Visible is reimagining what wireless should be: simple, accessible, and inclusive.

We accomplish this through our core values, culture and most importantly our people.  Each year, we hand out Core Value awards to the Visible employees who live the definition of these values everyday, with our team, and our members.

Hear what they have to say about winning and congrats to our 2021 Core Value Award Winners!


One of the highest compliments you can receive is recognition from the people who are in the trenches with you. It goes without saying that very few of us could do a job alone. It’s the community of Visible that allows me to do the work I love so much. Thank you for recognizing me and for being by my side to help bring partnerships to Visible to life. I’m deeply grateful.

Taylor B.
Building community with members and potential members through authentic storytelling is something I am very passionate about. The ability to humanize an all-digital brand by tying personal narratives with Visible’s core values has been an amazing experience that I’m excited to keep growing and evolving. Thank you everyone for this award. It meant the world to me!


As a happy coincidence, my first day at Visible ended with our company holiday party (not a bad orientation haha) and at the end of the night they gave away core value awards to people that I still have the good fortune to look up to and work with today (shout out to Russ, Joe, & Tamisha). Many more of my most inspiring peers (like Jason, Michelle M., and Logan) have won one too, so years later, being recognized myself felt like being admitted to the hall of fame. And for connection at that! During a year where many of us have felt so disconnected, makes it all the more humbling.


Consumer feedback is at the core of my work, everyday I help my colleagues make informed business decisions based on consumer feedback. I am happy to be the spokesperson who amplifies the needs and desires of our audiences, and to see my work impacting many solutions and ideas on a daily basis. Thank you everyone for the recognition.

Leadership is an action, not a position. A strong team culture is the foundation for accomplishing any work. I am grateful to be in a position where I can inspire people to believe in themselves, encourage them to recognize their potential and build a self-propelling high performing team that helps translate vision into reality. Thanks everyone for this award. It feels wonderful to get recognized by my colleagues.

Thank you for recognizing my work and the value I bring to Visible. It is truly an honor to be selected among such a talented and impactful peer group. This is especially special due to the fact that the work my team does (Finance Operations) isn’t always at the forefront of our business or member-facing, but our efforts ensure multiple functions across Visible work successfully and timely.


Every day I work to improve and simplify how we do things every day at Visible, no matter how many iterations it takes. It’s an honor to be recognized by my colleagues for innovation.


It is an absolute honor to be recognized by my co-workers. Extremely grateful and proud to be a member of this TEAM. Believe Transparency and Accountability are the most important blocks of any high-performing team. Many THANKS to my team, who help me foster a culture of transparency and accountability.#Always Moving Forward Together.

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