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Visible Reveals: Wireless Plan Math featuring MKBHD

We’ll be honest: The wireless industry can be confusing. From vague language, to misleading promotions, to endless fine print, the customer journey can be frustrating and filled with uninformed decisions.

And that just doesn’t sit right with us at Visible.

That’s why we recently launched a brand-new social content series called Visible Reveals to dispel all the confusing myths around wireless, so consumers can make their own, informed decisions. Even if it’s not Visible. Because we’re open, and we’re honest, and we know Visible might not be for everyone.

To spread the word, we partnered with renowned tech YouTube creator Marques Brownlee to help us shed some light on common misconceptions around wireless service, our competitors, and how to tell if Visible might be the right service for you.

Our first video in the series showcases how Visible’s taxes-and-fees-included monthly rate stacks up against competitors who may claim to have inexpensive one-line wireless – but really don’t.

Check it out:

Fee Comparison Chart: Visible vs Not Visible

Interested? Try us out for free and see what you think.

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