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An Opportunity to be Seen

Visible is proud to be an Asian-led company that prides itself on employees from all backgrounds, ages, and stages. Our entire team is saddened, angered, and horrified by the attacks on our Asian communities. To all Asian-Americans within our company, community, and beyond: we stand with you. We hear you. We are you.

That’s why CEO, Miguel Quiroga, announced Visible is partnering with Gold House, a nonprofit collective of Asian American & Pacific Islander founders, creative voices, and leaders.

Visible is honored to support Gold House with a  $50,000 grant to help the organization continue its work of enabling and amplifying more authentic multicultural representation and working towards societal equity through the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

It's crucial to speak up and take a stand against hate of any kind. When we dehumanize one person, we dehumanize everyone. Make space to talk with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and loved ones about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Celebrate with and learn about each other's backgrounds and experiences.

If you’re interested in making a donation, please consider donating directly to Gold House or to Gold House’s AAPI Community Fund in partnership with GoFundMe. 100% of donations will be distributed to proven 501(c)(3) API nonprofits devoted to restorative justice and long-term equity.

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