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No Family No Drama

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With the holidays coming up, you're bound to get into situations that will test your patience. The family gets together during the holidays, and the family usually brings its best friend: drama. We're not about that, so we have four ways you can avoid family drama at these events.

Bring up politics.

You're probably thinking, "that's the opposite of no drama," but hear us out: you bring up something and your uncle jumps in. Your aunt screams about something controversial, grandpaw is muttering about ‘back in his day’ and the neighbor's accountant starts looking up a video from the dark corners of the internet and -- Look at that: You caused enough chaos to leave out the back door.

Answer questions with questions.

People are going to ask questions over the holidays... But giving answers is up to you. Skip it all and just answer every question with another question. If someone asks you how your love life is going, just ask, "Do pandas really have 6 fingers?" Easy out. Also, they do.

Find your Zen.

Holidays are stressful, but it's also the only time we get to see some of these crazy people we call family. It's important to be grateful for the family you have, and it's also important to step away when you need to. Find another room, go sit in your car, or just walk away and breathe. Do something to reset or recalibrate, and do it without time limits. Well, don't do it the entire time, that's called 'hiding.'

Don't go (send a card).

The best way to avoid something is to, quite literally, avoid it altogether. So this year, skip the events if you want to. Sometimes you need the space to just do you, ya know? But it would be incredibly rude to not at least send something in your absence.

So leave them speechless with your custom-made Visible Holiday Greeting card – made especially for telling your relatives “it’s just me this holiday season…let’s keep it that way.” You can find that filter on Instagram.

We like to keep things simple, but the holidays are usually anything but. Hopefully, these foolproof tips will help you minimize, distract and straight-up avoid the family drama this season. Of course, we all know the best way to do that is to switch to Visible. And you know where to find us.

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