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Visible's #HimanshusHonestHour Debuts

Team Visible is excited to launch a new social series entitled Himanshu’s Honest Hour, kicked off with thoughts from our Chief Technology Officer, Himanshu Niranjani on LinkedIn.

Visible's CTO, Himanshu Niranjani

Throughout this series, Himanshu aims to spotlight the individuals, hearts, and minds behind Team Visible -- those working day in, and day out, to create change by building a better wireless service. Visible is a company committed to our communities, and this starts with our people. Himanshu believes everyone has their story to tell, and that each Team Visible member contributes to the greater good of the company; we’re all one piece of the puzzle. And everyone’s experiences will advance us all.

In each part of this LinkedIn series, Himanshu will ask a team member the same three questions: What did you know you’d find at Visible? What did you find that was unexpected? And lastly, but most importantly, what have you learned?

This series will highlight and celebrate our hardworking employees, but also share insightful excerpts that may inspire leaders of other small, digital tech companies. To kick off the series, Himanshu reflects on these same three questions and shares his insights.  

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