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Spring Cleaning

Visible phone in grass with daisies

Spring is here, and for most, it means spring cleaning: The time of the season when we shake off Winter by cleaning, selling, and revisiting old friends like floorboard dust. And it’s important that we make it easier by giving you some tips or at least saying something you need to hear - starting with:

Take your time.
Don’t try to conquer the world in one day. Not only will you be unable to meet that standard, but not doing so will discourage you more. Instead, clean up one room or a section of a room per day, then be proud of that. Make a list of things to do or a schedule, but include breaks for yourself. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race.

Clean those screens.
Everything we touch will inevitably touch our screens - tablets, phones, smartwatches - so cleaning those screens is a must. There are mixtures and remedies online to kill germs on screens, but the easiest way is to buy some alcohol wipes and microfiber clothes at the store and use those. If your screen is hard to clean because it’s cracked, don’t worry: we have the latest and greatest smartphones.

Out with the old, in with the better.
While cleaning, you may find an old phone or some change. Take that change and the old phone and head over to Visible. Why? Because our trade-in program may give you $$$ for your old phone to put towards one of our new shiny ones (we’ve got you covered on how to trade in your smartphone). And if you don’t need to upgrade your phone, upgrade your plan to Visible+ (remember that plug?).

Spring is a time for renewing and releasing, whether it be our houses, phones, or mental space in our heads. The recurring theme should be that of tranquility, so take the time for yourself to simply reflect. And while you reflect, ask yourself: “Is it time to spring clean my wireless carrier?” If you don’t have Visible, it may be. You know where you find us :D

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