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Partners in Inclusion: Visible x Special Olympics USA Games 2022

One of our core values at Visible is inclusivity. So we found a kindred spirit with Special Olympics USA Games. Their mission is all about inclusion, and this year they added additional accessibility measures to ensure that all athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators could participate in person and online.

“The whole thing about the USA Games was being able to be online, and to be able to be in real-time whether you were here or whether you were back home, wherever that might be,”  said Wendy Miller, Sports & Training Director of Special Olympics West Virginia.

Athletes who attended 2022 USA Games were able to stay connected by using the USA Games app on their phones to view their competition schedule, see venue details and cheer on their competitors. However, not all 5,500 athletes competing at the event had access to a smartphone. No smartphone, no app.

“Those athletes that came here without a cellphone were kind of at a disadvantage,” said Miller.

Visible wanted every athlete to be able to maximize the full USA Games experience, so we donated a phone and one month of Visible service to over 700 athletes who didn’t have their own. In addition, we provided our hotspot service to help support other activities and attendees at the event.

“Through the Visible donation, we were able to give so many athletes that opportunity to stay connected and be included just like everybody else,” Miller added.

Our mission centers around being accessible and inclusive so that everyone can stay connected to the people, places and things that matter most. We are so grateful to walk alongside the thousands of Special Olympics athletes who are the true leaders of inclusion.

Watch our reel to see how we made an impact and hear the story of one athlete in their first USA Games experience:

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