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Protecting Our Members

Visible will begin locking devices to its network to protect our customers and prevent fraud

In order to provide more protection to our members, Visible will be locking newly purchased devices to work exclusively on Visible for a period of time. This action will help prevent theft, fraud, or fraudulent activities, and make sure that our members - not bad actors - are getting our amazing devices.

Starting soon, smartphones purchased from Visible will be locked to usage on Visible, and will unlock 60 days after activation. Members do not need to contact Visible to remove the lock. It will automatically unlock unless Visible determines or suspects that it was lost, stolen, or purchased fraudulently.

A “locked device” simply means the device will only work with a Visible SIM on Visible’s network during the locked period. If a user tries to activate or use a SIM from a carrier other than Visible on that device while locked, an error message similar to "SIM Not Supported" will appear on the screen.

Locked devices will still work as normal on Visible, and will still be able to make calls internationally to Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. And for those serving in the military, Visible will be able to unlock devices before the 60 day period if you are being deployed outside of the Visible service area.

After 60 days from activation with Visible for all members, you’ll be totally free to take your device wherever it is compatible. And if you have a device that is locked by another carrier, we have steps to help you bring an existing phone (BYOD) to Visible. Check out our website for those details.

Learn more about Visible device lock policy on our Help Center.

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