With a switch and a swap, a shiny new phone is yours.

Two hands holding up visible phones
Hands holding up Visible phones

Incompatible devices are welcome here.

We’ll take in your old device and give you a shiny new one that’s compatible with our network—completely free—when you switch to Visible. Select one of our plans from $30/mo—unlimited data, text, and talk included—and you’ll be good to go.

Is this the same as trade in?

No, the Swap Program is specifically designed for people who have been using an old device but want to make the switch to Visible. We want to be able to welcome everyone to our network, so we made sure you can get a compatible device—completely free when you switch.

Can I get any phone?

Currently, we offer two devices as part of the swap program - the Visible Midnight and the Blade A3 Prime. Based on available inventory, those phones may change. The important part is that they’ll be compatible with our network, so you’ll be able to activate and make the most of your plan.

How do I take part in the Swap Program?

It’s pretty easy!

  1. Check if your phone qualifies.
  2. Choose your new phone
  3. Sign up for Visible, transfer your number
  4. Once your number transfers (7-10 day average), we’ll overnight your new phone to you — along with a pre-paid mailing label
  5. Send us your old phone when the new one comes

Head over to the Swap Program page to get started.