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New Visible and Visible+ Plans

New Visible and Visible+ Plans

Today, we announced the launch of our new unlimited plans, Visible and Visible+, which are available to new and existing members as of August, 17 2022.

The new Visible plan provides unlimited data, talk, text and hotspot for just $30/month for a single line, taxes and fees included; a reduction from the prior standard rate of $40/month. We also have the new Visible+ plan, which is just $45/month all in, including 5G Ultra Wideband access, 50 GB of premium network experience, roaming coverage in Canada & Mexico, and global calling to 30+ countries.*

Existing members can move to these new plans at any time through their Visible account but a new SIM will be required because Visible’s network is also expanding and evolving in conjunction with these plans, which should provide customers with improved speeds and latency. As always, our customers will still have the flexibility to purchase the device they want or bring their own. You can verify your device compatibility by visiting our compatibility checker.

Since we're making it easier to save with our new plans this means we're also making some changes to Party Pay. Our members loved the discounts, but not the hoops they had to jump through to get it. So, we made our new plans simpler and unlocked a flat-rate monthly cost for all plans from day one, with no additional action needed by members. See more about our Party Pay updates here. Additionally, Visible members may refer new customers and receive $20 off their next month of service, banking up to 12 months at a time, as a continuation of the referral program.

Visible stays focused on its mission to make wireless radically simple, fundamentally accessible and audaciously inclusive by delivering a premium experience at some of the lowest rates available in the industry, all on Verizon’s award-winning network.

For more information visit our Help Center FAQs and our Community Forums to ask any additional questions to our expert community members. See the infographic below for detailed plan features.

*Actual speeds and performance may vary depending on local conditions, network congestion, or other factors.5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities. 5G Nationwide requires a 5G-capable device inside the 5G Nationwide coverage area. 5G Ultra Wideband available in select areas and access requires a 5G Ultra Wideband-capable device inside the 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area.On the Visible plan or after 50GB on the Visible+ plan, in times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. Mobile hotspot with unlimited data at speeds up to 5 Mbps, limited to one device. Visible+ global calling includes unlimited calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico when you are in the US. Talk, text and use unlimited data when traveling in Mexico and Canada. Data speeds are reduced to 2G after 0.5 GB/day. International calling included from the US to 30+ countries. Call up to 500 minutes per month at no additional cost. Unlimited texting included from the US to 200+ countries & territories worldwide.

See for additional details.

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