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Quiet quitting is dead. Long live Loud Quitting.

Visible presents “Loud Quitting”

We’re so glad “quiet quitting” seems to be over, mostly because it was never a real thing in the first place. (“Doing your job satisfactorily” is not “quitting” in any dictionaries – we’ve checked.) So to celebrate what we hope is the end of that trend, we’re proud to introduce “Loud Quitting,” which unlike quiet quitting, is actually a thing that is actually real.

So what is “loud quitting?” It’s being honest about letting go of the things that don’t serve you. Like surprise fees, and needing a family plan to get the best rate.

And doing it loudly. When you’re ready to move on, there’s no need to be quiet.

But don’t take our word for it - listen to America’s guncle himself Lance Bass, who heard what we were up to and was so inspired that he “loud quit” his service and switched to Visible.

@lancebass And you Gen Z’ers thought I didn’t know what quiet quitting was! AS IF! @Visible #visiblepartner #loudquitting ♬ original sound - Lance Bass

You should too. Are you interested in a different kind of wireless experience? Loud quit your service and switch to Visible. (Let us know if you do. There might be something special in it for you.)

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