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Is Your Phone Compatible with Visible?

Visible cellphone next to old landline phones

At Visible we are always working to provide our members with the best network experience at the best rate. Sometimes that means the technology changes and updates over time, and as a result, not all phones are compatible with our network. Don't worry though, we've got you covered. Here's what you need to know:

Why some phones won't work on our network

Our network uses cutting-edge technologies and frequencies to give you the best possible service. But some phones don’t have the hardware to support them. If your phone doesn't support our tech or frequencies, you might find yourself struggling to get a decent signal or experience other unexpected problems.

Check your phone

Are you wondering if your phone is going to work with Visible? We’ve made it so easy for you to find out. Head over to our compatibility checker tool to make sure your phone can handle our network, select your phone's make and model (and/or add in your IMEI) and the tool will tell you if it's compatible or not.

It’s not compatible! What do I do about it?

To access our network you’re going to need a compatible device. We know that changing your phone can be a hassle, but we have some really simple options to get you on a phone that works. You can either swap your current phone for a compatible one from a select list (available for new members) or trade in your current phone to get a discount on a new one. Then you'll be able to enjoy all the awesome features and services our network has to offer without any headaches!

Is there a different way?

We get it, it’s tempting to find a workaround to activate our services on your phone. But trust us, using unofficial methods is risky. These workarounds can compromise your phone's ability to access our network and we want you to get the best experience possible. If you stick to the official methods, you’ll be able to get the service we strive to provide and we’re able to assist you in care if something does go wrong.

Here’s the tl;dr

  1. Make sure your phone is compatible with our network to enjoy top-notch service. Check out our compatibility checker tool here.
  2. If you're still using an incompatible phone, switch it up using either our Swap program or Trade-In program, and enjoy.
  3. Don't risk using unofficial workarounds. Let's get you connected!

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