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How to Keep your Phone’s Data Secure.

Phones are important (duh), and inside these tiny devices are the things we care about most, combined with too many photos of your dessert and basically all your passwords. Imagine that in the hands of a stranger. What would they say? Probably, “Why are there 18 under-exposed photos of tiramisu?”

Handing Over a Visible SIM Card

Strangers can also do far worse damage than simply judging you, which is why we take security VERY seriously. As an all-digital brand, keeping your info secure is our top priority, so we continually look for ways to enhance it. On our end, there are a lot of things we do, like our built-in scam protection and new multi-factor authentication. But what can you do to also keep your phone secure? Easy:

  • Don’t give out personal information
    You obviously shouldn’t run around telling everyone your first pet, address, mom’s maiden name — it’s none of their business. This also protects you from SMShing, phishing, and other threats.

  • Update phone & app software
    The brand that made your phone is also looking out for your security, so keeping your phone’s operating software current is crucial to get that extra layer of protection from them.

  • Backup your data
    If you’ve ever had a phone, you know that sh*t can and will happen. Fight back by keeping your phone backed-up and ensure losing the phone doesn’t also mean losing what’s on it.

  • Activate multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    One of the best ways to keep your account secure, our new MFA feature sends a verification code needed to complete the sign-in process whenever you (or someone else) attempts to sign in. Just activate it from your profile!

The stuff on your phone is too important to share, so start taking these steps to increase the security of your phone, account and the information tied to it. These steps are simple and can be done quickly, so add additional security to your phone and make it harder for those strangers to get your stuff. Because while we’re sure the tiramisu was good, restaurant lighting is never flattering and we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you.

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