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How much is my phone worth?

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We’ve all been there: you see an ad, or maybe you hear about it from someone you know… Either way, the new phone is out, and you’d like it. This is just one of many scenarios that may leave you asking, “How much is my phone worth?” But before you start posting for the highest bidder on social media, let us introduce… Us. Well, our Trade-in program, specifically. It’s a way to get paid for a phone you don’t want or need. And it’s all done in just a few simple, secure, and (of course) rewarding steps:

1. Find out how much your phone’s worth.

Our very special and highly-sophisticated estimator will ask you a few questions about your phone, like the brand, model, how much storage it has, as well as who your current wireless provider is. Based on that info, you’ll get a valuation. On. The. Spot. If that number looks good, you’ll continue, letting us know the condition and the IMEI number.

2. Pick your new phone.

Most of the fun in all this is getting to choose the new phone you’re trading in for. We have a lot of latest and greatest that are eligible for this program. Even better, you’ll have your estimate and will know how much credit you’ll have.

3. Send us your phone.

Print the return label, prep your device, and ship it within 21 days of placing your order. The condition of your phone will be verified when we get it, which starts the next step.

4. Get paid.

After all is said and done - the verification process will end, and you’ll get your credits and start the journey of enjoying that new phone.

It doesn’t need to be Spring to start cleaning up - out with the old and in with the new… The new phone you get with the credits from our trade-in program that is. But if you’re not interested in this amazing program, that’s okay. Even though it’s deeply upsetting to all of us at Visible (kidding), we’re still going to answer some common questions people have when it comes to the value of a phone when trading it in.

Do phones lose value over time?

Like cars losing value when you drive off the lot, the value of a phone decreases as soon as it leaves the factory. So before you even open it, it's worth less. Different phones and brands depreciate differently. Some brands retain their value better than others, and legally, we can’t tell you which do.

My phone is still locked. Does it have value?

A " locked " phone may mean it hasn't been fully paid off with your current carrier or an outside brand you're financing it through. A phone could also be locked for other reasons, but this is the most common. Regardless, a locked phone is not worth more or less than the same unlocked phone.

My phone is broken/damaged. Does it still have value?

Car analogies work here because even totaled cars have pieces and parts that can be used by other people, even if it doesn't run. In the same vein, a phone that's broken or damaged will still have value.

Will damage affect the value of my phone?

While broken or damaged phones still have value, the difference is in the level of damage. A phone that doesn't work is worth less than one that does. A broken battery or cracked screen will also impact the value. Whenever you trade in your phone, the buyer will usually give a valuation of its condition, influencing its overall value.

When is the best time to sell my phone to get the best value for it?

As we said earlier, your phone loses value when it leaves the factory and continues to do so over time. But not all hope is lost because there are certain times when the general value of a phone goes down: when you open it from the case AND when the next generation of that phone's announced.

To have faith that you’re getting what your phone’s worth from a carrier who cares about you – that’s priceless. Your phone is not priceless though, it’s worth something. And you can find out exactly how much right now with our program. Take the leap and get paid for your old phone!

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