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Friends Supporting Friends during Mental Health Awareness Month

Visible is wireless service that gets better with friends. But honestly, we think everything gets better with friends!

As part of Mental Health Awareness month, Visible is teaming up with various community partners to help get the conversation started around mental wellness and have several ways to get involved:

A #SimpleCheckIn Matters
Visible is partnering with our friends at the Mental Health Coalition, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental health, to promote the importance of friends checking in on friends. Use your Visible device to call or send a message to friends, family, colleagues, and even neighbors throughout the month.  And the Friends Supporting Friends Roadmap has tips and tools you can use to start a conversation around mental wellness or offer support. Tell us how you are checking in with others by using #SimpleCheckIn on social. And on Instagram, you can also use Face Filters created by the Mental Health Coalition to encourage open conversations around mental wellness.

Get rid of your midweek stress
Visible and FORWARD__Space are teaming up to provide free midweek workout classes to take care of your mind, body and spirit. Grab a friend and register today! Virtual classes are scheduled for Wednesday May 12th and Wednesday May 19th (free for the first 500 people in each class). Register today!

Color yourself calm.

Visible and some amazing artists have teamed up to create a ColoRING RING Book that gives you a deep dive into phone culture, a chance to practice mindfulness as you fill in each page knowing that this book supports mental wellness.

As a business
Visible strives to support the mental wellness of our teams. We've instituted initiatives like “Visible Me Time,” to give employees 90 minutes, everyday - no questions asked - that they can use to focus on their own mental wellbeing. As has become the norm, we also offer free counseling to employees and their families. We are committed to togetherness and creating a positive impact for our employees and community.

Tell us how you are checking in on friends this May and let’s work together to get the conversation started around mental wellness.

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