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Connection Protection by Visible

Connection Protection on a Visible phone by Empower Work

Connection Protection by Visible helps you stay connected if you lose your job

Meet Connection Protection, a new program that ensures those who get laid off won’t lose their wireless plan, too. Created by Visible in partnership with Empower Work, a leading non-profit on a mission to change the way people are supported at work, the program offers eligible participants three months of service with costs covered by Visible, in addition to coaching and resources to help those who experience a layoff process their job loss and get support to find their next role.

The program comes at a time where job security is top-of-mind, as one in three people are concerned their employers might be planning budget cuts or layoffs, according to a recent survey. For those who lose their jobs, having reliable wireless access is critical to finding a job. In fact, in 2021 alone, nearly 70% of job applications were completed on mobile devices, underscoring the need for stable wireless access.

Through Connection Protection, individuals who have lost their jobs, had hours cut, or are between jobs and in need of support can learn more and apply for the program at

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