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A Blog that calls BS

Jason Alexander holding and pointing to a Visible phone

In our recent ‘The Truth About Yadas’ campaign, Visible enlisted the help of Jason Alexander to explain why wireless plan details, or the ‘yada yadas’, matter.

Other companies, including Metro by TMobile, claim to sell wireless without the gotchas, but still end up burying things like activation fees and offer limitations in the fine print. Their hope is that customers focus on the offer in the headline, and gloss over the disclaimer details (the ‘yada yadas’).

At Visible, we have nothing to hide, and are not afraid to go head-to-head with other industry promises.

Alongside Jason Alexander, the man who put ‘yada yada’ in the spotlight, we explain why those details really matter, highlighting our simple and transparent Visible plan, which gives you a single line unlimited plan for $25/mo (period!), with no added taxes, hidden fees or secret requirements.

“When we see other brands claim they have no ‘yada, yada, yada’ – but we know they do – we have to call BS on their ‘BS-Free Promise,’” said Angie Klein, President of Verizon Value. “If you want real transparency, simplicity, and honesty from your wireless carrier, Visible is the only choice.”

We are a company that isn’t afraid to call BS on behalf of our customers. And…yada yada…that is why transparency is all about.
Check out our campaign here.

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