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No limits, no hidden fees.*

Get unlimited data, minutes, messages, and hotspot usage+ for $40, or create a Party of up to 4 (family, friends, strangers) and pay as little as $25 a month without a single extra fee.

From coast to coast, and everywhere in between.

Get nationwide service and WiFi calling, courtesy of Verizon’s 4G LTE Network.** Keep scrolling to see our coverage map.

Keep your number, come and go as you please.

Bring your number to Visible, see how you feel about us, and feel free to cancel your service without penalty if it’s not working out.

Stores, no. Parties, yes.

Access 24/7 support and chat with a real person, without ever leaving home. Speaking of real people, create a Party of up to four people, and pay as little as $25 per month. Learn more

*In times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.
**WiFi calling available on select devices.
+Mobile hotspot speeds capped at 5 Mbps.

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We’ve got you covered

With over 99% of the U.S. population covered,* there’s not many places our Verizon 4G LTE Network hasn’t been…yet.

*Based on 9.15.2019 U.S. Census population data.

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We hate to break it to you, but we're the real deal. In fact, we're so used to dealing with skeptics that we put together this real customer testimonial.

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