Visible Partners with Juanita Gray Award

For many who grew up in Denver, the sight of Mrs. Juanita Gray at the Ford-Warren Branch of Denver Public Library was welcoming, comforting and familiar. Not only was her commitment to serving those at the library exceptional, she also served her community through various outreach efforts until her untimely death in 1987.

For almost 35 years, Denver Public Library has honored Mrs. Gray’s legacy by recognizing community leaders who embody her same trailblazing spirit with the Juanita Gray Community Service Awards. These awards recognize and honor the history, culture, milestones and achievements of African Americans in the Denver Metro Area who exemplify the ideals and spirit represented by Mrs. Gray.

Visible is a relatively new company (just coming up on our third anniversary) but proudly born and raised in Denver, and grateful to work alongside organizations, such as Denver Public Library, on initiatives aimed at bringing our community together.

Visible’s Chief Marketing Officer, Minjae Ormes, had the honor of presenting the Juanita Gray Community Service Youth Award and Scholarship, which recognizes an outstanding young person for their work in the community. This year, the award was given to Miss Jayla Hemphill.

Jayla Hemphill is awarded the 2021 Juanita Gray Youth Award and Scholarship
Senior Jayla Hemphill is name the 2021 Juanita Gray Youth Award and Scholarship

Miss Hemphill is a senior at Northfield High School. She currently maintains a GPA of 3.72 and has been a member of the National Honor Society since 2018. As a vocal community activist, she was a speaker at the Denver Public Schools’ #BlackLivesMatter rally and participated in the “Be the Change” event.  Additionally, she delivered a speech at a gun control rally advocating for gun laws at the Colorado State Capitol. Miss Hemphill is an active member of “Students Demand Action” and has been instrumental in the effort to recruit teachers of color for employment for her school. She is, to put it simply, a change agent.

As Minjae told the virtual crowd gathered for the awards; “As a mother of two young girls, I am especially proud to be the one to recognize this year’s winner—someone my daughters will look up to as a role model.” The entire Visible team is honored to be part of this year’s Juanita Gray Awards and extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of the nominees and recipients for their work in our community.