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Bringing visibility to organizations that are changing their communities with mobile tech.

Non Profits

Our inaugural cohort of nonprofit startups used mobile technology to create meaningful impact for more than 4-million lives.

Working with our partner, Uncharted, our accelerator program provides nonprofits with technology, funding, mentorships, training, resources and connections, everything they need to fulfill their missions.

Below is a breakdown of previous ventures in the Visible Connect Accelerator Program, organized by their industry.

Fed40: Mobile app designed to disrupt hunger in America delivers 40 free, healthy meals to those in need and provides services to help them become food secure.


SIRUM: SIRUM’s platform connects organizations with surplus medications to patients in need. This nonprofit has created a patented a delivery system to make medicines available to those who can’t afford them while reducing medical waste.


Real Talk: Real Talk uses real stories by real teens via a secure, mobile app to bring sex education into the 21st century. Teens can easily access and engage with content that will positively shape their sexual health knowledge and behaviors, and share real stories with their peers on growing pains, bullying, and online safety.

IssueVoter: Motivates all citizens to get involved. IssueVoter sends alerts about new Congressional bills in plain language with an automated option to send your vote to your local Congress representative. Taking it a step further, IssueVoter tracks whether your Congress rep voted your way available at $199.

TalkingPoints: Multilingual texting platform to improve the parent-teacher connection. Teachers and schools use TalkingPoints app to communicate with parents via text messages that auto translate into the family’s native language and translates their responses into English.


CareerVillage: CareerVillage is a platform where underserved students receive free career advice by crowdsourcing a group of more than 15,000 professionals who share their stories, experience, and offer personalized recommendations.

Onward: Onward helps low-to-moderate income workers to build financial cushions with direct savings from their paychecks, and its mobile app encourages financial literacy with access to responsible credit and behavior-based tips mobile app offers tools and legal guidance to urban tenants facing harassment and poor housing conditions to build well-documented legal cases and connect with advocates.


 FreeFrom: FreeFrom is on a mission to dismantle the nexus between gender-based violence and financial insecurity via their online platform that financially empowers survivors of domestic violence.