Visible Connect

Amplifying visibility to organizations that are changing communities with mobile technology.

Our Story

Before launching Visible wireless service, we launched the Visible Connect Accelerator Program to support social entrepreneurs using mobile technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our communities. Today, Visible Connect encompasses our passion for accelerator programs, but also everything we do as a team and company to create togetherness.


We’re not just a company, we’re part of the community.

Connecting for good.

In 2021, Visible is proud to partner with various nonprofits across the country to give back over 700 hours of service. In addition, Visible will match employee contributions to nonprofits of their choice, up to $1,200 a year.

Our Impact

11 million

Lives meaningfully impacted by the Visible Connect Accelerator Program.

27 million

Raised in philanthropy since beginning the Visible Connect Accelerator Program.

27 million raised in philanthropy since beginning the Visible Connect Accelerator Program

Our Pillars


Racial Equity

Amplifying the voices and ideas of those held back by the barriers of racism.


Mental Wellness

Normalizing mental health by encouraging open dialogue and removing obstacles to getting help and support.


Civic Action

Engage with community minded individuals to lead, give back, and inspire change.

Our nonprofit partners

Visible is proud to work alongside and support the impact of several national nonprofits and coalitions. Learn more about our nonprofit partners through links below.

Meet our Visible Connect partners

Nonprofits who have participated in our Accelerator Program, Visible Connect, have used mobile technology to create meaningful impact for more than 10 million lives.


uses technology to connect families and organizations to incarcerated people across the nation – for free


is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more inclusive and effective congress by empowering the next generation of public servants.


is helping to bridge the gap between surplus food and hunger through innovation and technology.


uses augmented reality to write Black and Brown narratives into American curricula.


is building a world where young people can live authentically as themselves by connecting teens with questions about sex and identity to experts who provide support and information.


is a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive.



is building a future where every person is supported, valued, and empowered at work. They provide immediate, confidential support - emotional and tactical - for tough work situations via SMS.


protects the rights of marginalized communities by providing immediate access to legal support in case of arrest.


accelerates underserved children's learning to narrow the opportunity gap. Their products revolutionize the way ELL families ensure their children's academic and lifelong success.


The combats suicide within the military community by enhancing access to wellness resources and peer support.


is a free, online platform that connects low-income students with live tutors anytime they need it.


equips underestimated youth to own their future by helping teachers increase classroom engagement, real-world learning and future-readiness by creating student-run companies, earning real revenues.



: CareerVillage is a platform where underserved students receive free career advice by crowdsourcing a group of more than 15,000 professionals who share their stories, experience, and offer personalized recommendations.


: Mobile app designed to disrupt hunger in America delivers 40 free, healthy meals to those in need and provides services to help them become food secure.


: FreeFrom is on a mission to dismantle the nexus between gender-based violence and financial insecurity via their online platform that financially empowers survivors of domestic violence.


: Motivates all citizens to get involved. IssueVoter sends alerts about new Congressional bills in plain language with an automated option to send your vote to your local Congress representative.


: mobile app offers tools and legal guidance to urban tenants facing harassment and poor housing conditions to build well-documented legal cases and connect with advocates.


: Onward helps low-to-moderate income workers to build financial cushions with direct savings from their paychecks, and its mobile app encourages financial literacy with access to responsible credit and behavior-based tips


: Real Talk uses real stories by real teens via a secure, mobile app to bring sex education into the 21st century. Teens can easily access and engage with content that will positively shape their sexual health knowledge and behaviors, and share real stories with their peers on growing pains, bullying, and online safety.


: SIRUM’s platform connects organizations with surplus medications to patients in need. This nonprofit has created a patented a delivery system to make medicines available to those who can’t afford them while reducing medical waste.


: Multilingual texting platform to improve the parent-teacher connection. Teachers and schools use TalkingPoints app to communicate with parents via text messages that auto translate into the family’s native language and translates their responses into English.

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