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Insights from MVNOResearch - 3 Things to Know this Fall

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Visible Reddit junkies know MVNOResearch by now: an OG Visible employee who’s chimed into Reddit threads for years to help members, break down helpful Verizon and Visible information, and be an altogether transparent voice on what’s new and trending in the world of Visible.

Internally, MVNOResearch plays just as important a role: he’s the person with a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of telco and what we should be thinking about at Visible.

So now, he’s here to tell you, Visible Blog readers, what’s on his mind. In this column, MVNOResearch will share thoughts, tips, tricks, and general musings. Let’s get to it.

Three Things I’m Thinking About This Fall:

1) eSIM Free Trial for Samsung and Google Pixel Devices

We recently extended Visible’s 2-week free trial to members using eSIM-compatible Google and Samsung devices. We’re really excited about this. As some of our members know, eSIM is huge for us - it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to activate their service easily, seamlessly, and quickly from the comfort of their own home. And that’s exactly the premise Visible has always strived for: easy, all-digital wireless service that you can manage entirely via an app, no store needed.

And we know eSIM resonates with our growing member base, too. Over half of our new subscribers in 2023 have activated via eSIM, and the majority of those customers were up and running in seven minutes. SEVEN!

eSIM also allows us to run a free trial program really smoothly, and have our customers compare Visible to their current carrier side-by-side. And unlike some of our competitors, there is no credit card required to try us out. We’ve even seen that the majority of new members trialing us activate after just one day.

2) Spam Protection

We heard you loud and clear. You want better spam protection – and we got you. We’re rolling out improved spam protection later this month that will be even more effective at deflecting spam, AND provide users with the ability to customize SPAM call preferences.

3) The *Visible* Difference

We continue to be the only carrier that has unlimited mobile hotspot included in our base plan, at a rate of just $25/month. This is a big point of differentiation for us and one our leadership is particularly proud of. Unlike our competitors, we won’t make you pay more for hotspot data.

Speaking of competitors: one of THE OTHER GUYS recently tried to automatically migrate its customers to more expensive plans, then walked it back when there was a bit of an uproar.

We’re working to add more value to our plans for our customers, instead of making them pay more for the service they already receive… but, hey, that’s just us.
So come try us out for free and check out that Visible difference for yourself.

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