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Songs of Summer

Visible will be interviewing employees from across the organization on their musical tastes and preferences, and most importantly, the songs they’ll be listening to all summer long.

Visible Summer Playlist is coming to Spotify 

In a series of interviews crafted by our our music experts, Jonny and Hunter, we’ll learn about what our team listens to while they work, and their musical guilty pleasures. Each of our Visible teammates top 3 songs will be added to our very own Spotify Visible Summer Playlist. Check back each week for new additions.

For our inaugural Visible Summer Playlist post, we’ve managed to collect the (very varied) musical tastes from our beloved executive leadership team. From His Royal Badness, to classic Philly hip hop, to yacht rock anthems, we’re only at the tip of the iceberg that is #TeamVisible’s musical tastes.

Angie Klein, CEO
Better Together - Jack Johnson
7 - Prince
You Need to Calm Down - Taylor Swift

Aaron Stahl, Visible General Counsel
Blow Away - George Harrison
In Cold Blood - Alt-J
Butterflies and Hurricanes - Muse

Adam Rainsford, CFO
Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Crazy Game of Poker - O.A.R
All Summer Long - Kid Rock

Beth Veen, Chief of Staff to the CEO
Summer of ‘69 - Bryan Adams
Boys of Summer - Don Henley
Island in the Sun - Weezer

Dave Haydon, Head of People Operations
Ash - Oh Yeah
Dodgy - Good Enough
Joe Cocker - Summer in the City

Himanshu Niranjani, CTO
Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars
Can't stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake
Happy - Pharrell Williams

Jeremy Bolton, Chief Strategy Officer
Malibu - Kim Petras
Heat Waves - Glass Animals
A-O-K - Tai Verses

Minjae Ormes, CMO
Juice - Lizzo
damn RIGHT- Audrey Nuna
Automatically in Love- Carly Rae Jepsen

Natasha Hemmingway, Executive Assistant to Angie Klein, President & CEO, Visible
Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars
Always be my Baby- Mariah Carey
Sugar - Maroon 5

Bonus content: Guess who’s honorable mention song was Mi Gente - J Balvin?
A: Himanshu
B: Angie
C: Minjae
D: Dave

A: Himanshu

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