Get a virtual gift card worth up to $200 and earbuds this holiday season! *Terms apply.

Wireless that makes the holidays happier.

Get unlimited data for as low as $25/mo, plus free earbuds and a virtual gift card of your choice worth up to $200 when you join.

How Visible Works

We know how important it is to keep it simple. That’s why we created a wireless service that allows you access to everything you need to join, save, and stream—right from your phone.

Become a member

Easily sign up, and keep your number and phone, or change both. You might even be able to activate service in less than 15 minutes through eSIM. No matter what, you’ll get unlimited data, messages, and minutes for one (really) low price.

Experience our network

Activate through eSIM or a Visible SIM (it’s free & we’ll overnight it), and you’re ready to experience our network, powered by Verizon, 5G included.

Explore ways to save

Looking for a family savings plan without the family drama? Then you’ve come to the right place. Join a Party with friends, family, or total strangers and cut your service cost to as low as $25/mo—zero drama included.

The Visible Plan

We believe in challenging the wireless status quo. That’s why our plan gives you all the bells and whistles for $40/mo after your first month, or for as little as $25/mo through Party Pay.

No Commitment

As low as



when you take advantage of Party Pay

One line of service

Powered by Verizon, 5G included

Unlimited minutes and messages

Unlimited data

5 Mbps wifi hotspot

Wifi calling on compatible devices

Calling & texting to Canada & Mexico

Need a new phone with your new service? We can help.

They can vouch for us

“People are always shocked when I tell them I only pay $25! I have gotten a lot of friends to sign up with Visible because they were also fed up with the big guys.” Michael B, Visible member

“I like you a lot. Nearly perfect, which isn't something I've been able to say about any wireless carrier so far.” Saurabh G, Visible member

“I needed to get off my parents’ phone plan. Comparing the options, Visible was the most straightforward switch (no contracts, confusing sign-up deals, etc.) and one of the cheapest options for unlimited services. I love that it’s all mobile, and the live-chat is always super helpful!” Jenna R, Visible member

“I love you guys and what you do. I have helped well over 30 people switch at this point.” Marco C, Visible member

“When I heard that you could join Visible on the Verizon network at more than HALF the price of my limited service provider, I had to give it a chance!” Steve V, Visible member

Wireless that doesn't break the bank.

Get unlimited data for as little as $25/mo.