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Through a combination of its visualization tools and applied services, Visible enables companies to identify "strategic" control points in their organization in order to manage change.

Working closely with the organization's stakeholders, Visible helps its clients to conceptualize their ideas or concepts in the form of various models - whether it be to better align resources to opportunities, address new customer requirements, improve business processes or adjust to changing sales or market trends

Areas addressed have included Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Software Agile Development, Configuration Management and Product Data Management. Services provided include Data Modeling, Data Governance, Business Process Modeling, Configuration Management, Application Life Cycle Management, Metadata (Knowledge) Management and Microsoft .NET Applications Development.


Falcon Jet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes manufactures custom private jets. Falcon Jet uses one of the world leading Product Data Management (PDM) packages from Dassault Systems PLM Solutions. It allowed Falcon Jet partners and suppliers from around the world to design a new product - concurrently and in real time - without physically leaving their workplace.

Based on advanced 3D tools such as CATIA V5/V6 and Enovia PLM, the virtual platform fully digitizes the entire Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process from conception and production to maintenance and recycling, using a common, constantly-updated digital mock-up. However, Falcon Jet was finding it difficult to govern all of data.

Using Visible's data visualization capabilities, it was able to identify and represent each data point in its repository and see the the data flow from each data point back to the data source. The representation of data points was done in the form of UML component and deployment models. The traceability back to the data sources was accomplished through traceability analysis on the data flows. The results gave Falcon Jet an understanding of its data in terms of which processes use and consume the data and who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the data.

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